Therapeutic target

Cell pathology in aging or infection

The cell pathology begins by pathology of the cell membrane.

Physiology is guaranteed by the effective cell immunity that is assured by the correct protein-protein interaction in the cell membranes.

The sequences responsible for the protein-protein interactions called Intrinsically Disordered Sequences (IDS) modified by the small molecules loss the possibility to correctly regulate the protein–protein interactions substantial for the majority of the biological functions.

The regulatory sequences of the proteins are modified by chemicals because their amino acids composition.
These modified protein sequences are not degraded in mammalian. They are transported to the cell membranes, polymerize and occlude the membranes receptors leading to their misfolding and pathological networking.

Definition of Cell Immunity

The cell immunity is regulated on the level of a single cell membrane; the innate immunity is a result of the cell membranes interactions between different cells, and the adaptive immunity is a consequence of the misfolded membranes-process leading to the production of the inflammatory molecules, then toxic.

The correctly folded cell membrane assures the right cell immunity which restores or stops the cell pathology without an activation of the adaptive immunity, then without inflammation.

Cell immunity impairment responsible for disease

The cell immunity is turned down by continuous exposure to an endogenous formation of the chemicals from the tryptophan and the exogenous chemical pollution. In the life span, especially in infection, the oxidative stress progressively leads to induction of indoleamine-2, 3 dioxygenase (IDO) and accumulation of the molecules from tryptophan degradation pathway.

This pathway is largely recognized as a cause of the covalent modification of the IDS of proteins. In the same way, continuous exposure to small molecules (chemicals) from environmental pollution leads to the covalent modification of the IDS (CM-IDS’s) in the proteins. The CM-IDS’s remain in the membranes and disable the cell immunity.

MEMS a new way to prevent and heal early diseases

Axanton Technology GmbH invented Molecules Establishing Membrane Signaling (MEMS) technology for elimination the chemically modified sequences of proteins.

MEMS eliminates the modified sequence of protein from the cell membranes and restores the membranes homeostasis. The restored cell immunity stops the pathology.