Axanton Technology GmbH was established at Feb. 1, 2013, but was preceded with seven years of independent research in Malina Lab, on cell pathology and drug discovery.


Axanton Technology was founded by Dr. Halina Z. Malina, Eng. Marguerite T. Malina and Eng. Paul P. Malina

CEO Halina Z. Malina PhD

Halina Z. Malina PhD has over thirty years of independent, interdisciplinary research in biological chemistry and cell biology in CNRS in France, Polytechnic School in Zürich (ETH) and Swiss Universities: Zurich, Lausanne, and Berne. Her latest research on xanthurenic acid has led to focus on the covalent modification of proteins by small molecules. She is the inventor of the new line of therapeutic molecules, the MEMS.

CIO Marguerite T. Malina Eng.

She has experience in project negotiation, financial project evaluation, patents preparation, business strategy and communication, personnel management, and experience for ten years in IT, CRM and Marketing project management. She is responsible for negotiation of the outsourced contracts of Axanton, license negotiation, deal structure, overall patent strategy, strategy and politics of development, responsible for human resources.

COO Paul P. Malina Eng.

He has international experience in commercialization of the business projects, projects management, knowledge and participation in the project for years. COO has international experience in industrial projects management, easy contact with people in negotiation. He knows many cultures and speaks many languages. He will be responsible for all operations: development, design, operation, and improvement of the systems that create and deliver the Axanton products.