MEMS pipeline

MEMS is a new conception of therapy, which assures well-being preventing the heavy metabolic diseases.

A-144 is the first MEMS produced on the Axanton technology platform, specialized in deactivation of the CM-IDS responsible for cell degeneration.

A-144 the first MEMS

A-144 is the first MEMS produced on the Axanton Technology platform, specialized in deactivation of the CM-IDS responsible for cell membranes signaling to degeneration.

Preclinical data of the first MEMS: the A-144

• A-144 stops the cell degeneration in a human primary cell culture
• In cyclophosphamide-mice model, A-144 restores the innate immunity
• A-144 stops infection in mice infected with antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
• A-144 is non-toxic when injected intravenously to mice at concentrations 20,000 higher than the therapeutic concentration
• A-144 is not mutagenic as shown the Ames test on four mutants of Salmonella typhimurium and Escherichia coli

A-144, the anti-degenerative MEMS

Pathologies in aging or infection are associated with cell degeneration. The degenerative process leads in its late stage to heavy handicaps, requiring transplantation of the cells or organs.

The cell degeneration is the main process in most aging-associated diseases: glaucoma, retinal degeneration, cardiovascular diseases, pulmonary hypertension, liver degeneration, osteoporosis, depression, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's.
This first developed MEMS, A-144, stops the degeneration of the cells.

Illustrations :

Xanthurenic acid leads to abnormal cleavage and aggregation of beta-amyloid 43 A-144 rescues from amyloid aggregation

Xanthurenic acid abolishes calcium binding in the cell. A-144 rescues calcium binding.

• MEMS - Molecule Establishing Membrane Signaling - technology production platform
• A-144 - first MEMS - active oral therapy stops the cell degeneration in situ in mammalian
• A breakthrough, proven nontoxic, noninvasive way to stop the cell degeneration, the same mechanism observed in aging and infection
• Proprietary technology with the freedom for A-144 development
• Market estimated over $600 billion (Fierce Pharma)

A-144: a Unique Sell Proposition (USP) for aging and infection associated degeneration

Axanton Technology GmbH is looking for licensing out of the right for the therapeutically active MEMS’s, preferably by buyout the company

A-144 targets cellular degeneration market, the main process in most aging-associated diseases and infections. Twenty percent of the population has aging -associated diseases. Those people need to take A-144, to deactivate existing modified proteins, and permitting native immune system to eliminate them. A weekly oral dose of five micrograms protects the host against invasive surgery and handicap. A-144 is the first of the new line of drugs able to regenerate cells in situ.

There are many players on the market of the degenerative diseases associated with aging. However, the existing drugs target the symptoms of the diseases, with relative success, and many side effects. MEMS A-144 targets the upstream causes of the diseases, stopping the process of degeneration, which leads to the terminal degeneration of organs.