MEMS Technology and IP

MEMS-Mode of Action

Axanton Technology GmbH owns the technology for preparation of the new line of biomolecules, called Molecules Establishing Membrane Signaling (MEMS).

The misfolded MHCI receptor on the Antigen Presenting Cells (APC) presents the endogenous and exogenous antigens wrongly. The membrane misfolding leads to loss or impairment of the membrane receptors function observed as the metabolic disorder e.g. deregulation of ions channels, hypertension, diabetes, autoimmunity, cell degeneration, and inflammation. The protein modification occurs in an acute way in infection or slowly with aging and is the primary cause of the cell pathology.

MEMS restores or protects the cell immunity against the misfolding caused by the chemically modified protein sequences. We have discovered that the loss of the membranes homeostasis deactivates MHCI receptor, and the cell is unable to recognize correctly the antigen and presents the antigen wrongly.

The correct cell immunity is assured by the protein homeostasis, the proteostasis.

A covalently modified IDS’s (CM-IDS’s) remain in the cell membranes, and misfold de novo produced receptors. They should be eliminated by MEMS. MEMS is a mirror antibody against the polymerized short and peptide 8-10 amino acids. The polyclonal antibody purified against a peptide mimics perfectly the situation in vivo. MEMS is only a semi-antigen, which detaches the corresponding sequence from the MHCI receptor. The receptor liberated from the modified sequence recognized the antigen formed with MEMS, eliminates it giving the information through all body. The antigen is eliminated systemically when used sublingually.

The aberrant protein-protein interactions lead to the changes in the genes expression. They are an upstream cause of the cell pathology in infection and aging.

MEMS restores the protein homeostasis in the cell membranes. The immune system, enabled with MEMS, eliminates the covalently modified regulatory sequences of intrinsically modified sequences (CM- IDS), stopping the cell pathology.

Intellectual property

Axanton Technology GmbH has patented technology platform for MEMS production and has registered trade mark Axanton in US.
The patented technology platform gives possibilities for MEMS’s production, the mirror antibody against the ladder polymer of the CM-IDS.
Malina H. is founder and owner of Axanton Technology GmbH.

 Her patent for the MEMS granted on July 2014 in US 8,778,349 and August 2014 in Japan.

The technology covers the extensive platform of MEMS preparation, and the patents are valid until 2031.

Freedom of operation is assured.